Press Release: Yost Ad Calls Out Opponent for Anti-Voter Views on Elected AGs

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Yost Ad Calls Out Opponent for Anti-Voter Views on Elected AGs

April 18, 2018

Columbus – Auditor of State Dave Yost, the GOP candidate for Ohio attorney general, today released a 15-second ad challenging his opponent’s anti-voter views on elected office.

At a recent Columbus Chamber of Commerce roundtable discussion, former political appointee Steve Dettelbach said the Ohio attorney general should be a political appointee, a troubling and undemocratic statement from someone seeking election to the office.

“The attorney general is the lawyer for the people of Ohio, and should never be a partisan political appointee,” said Yost. “We elect the attorney general to hold the powerful accountable. My opponent wants it to be the other way around. He should stand with the people, not politicians he deems more powerful than himself.”

Steve Dettelbach thinks you should not have the right to vote for attorney general of Ohio. Dettelbach wants the attorney general to be a partisan political appointee – just like when he worked in Washington. Don’t let it happen here, vote with Yost.

As Ohio Auditor of State, Yost and his team have secured more than 150 criminal convictions of corrupt public officials, and found more than $260 million in efficiency savings for government. He served for eight years as the Delaware County Prosecutor, winning the first capital murder case in the county’s history and taking down the county’s largest drug ring. Yost is also a former county auditor, city council member and award-winning journalist.



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