Dave’s Work

Protecting Ohioans

  • Auditor Yost’s office was instrumental in making it a criminal penalty for public officials to knowingly use public funds for political campaigns.
  • Yost championed a constitutional amendment to ban special interest monopolies from taking over Ohio law.
  • Auditor Yost testified before Congress on his office’s investigation into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) with the goal of ensuring Ohio’s tax dollars are used properly.
  • He made recommendations on how to monitor, identify, and combat fraud in real time, including on the Ohio Stops Fraud mobile application.
  • Yost’s office has increased fraud detection and prevention training programs to help local officials detect and deter theft.
  • The Fiscal Integrity Act became law in 2015 to better prepare your local fiscal officers and to be able to remove fiscal officers that don’t perform their duties.

Saving Your Tax Dollars

  • Dave Yost worked with the Ohio General Assembly to pass new laws requiring performance audits of state agencies and higher education institutions.
  • More than $260 million in potential savings have been found by Dave Yost through performance audits.
  • Auditor Dave Yost launched skinnyohio.org to provide local governments with tools to boost efficiency, cut costs, and better serve their citizens while saving tax dollars.
  • Auditor Yost renegotiated his office’s lease and saved Ohio taxpayers more than $1 million.

Fighting for our Children

  • Auditor Yost unraveled the knot of the Columbus City Schools data scrubbing scandal. Columbus Schools were manipulating data to falsely show parents that the school system was doing better than it truly was.
  • Yost’s investigation into Columbus Schools led to a statewide audit of student attendance data and discovered several school districts were scrubbing student data.
  • Dave Yost helped pass landmark charter school reforms to strengthen accountability, provide much needed transparency, and rid charter schools of conflicts of interest.

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