Sen. Sherrod Brown Wants A Liberal Legislator On The Supreme Court

The Daily Caller | Auditor of State Dave Yost

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown announced his opposition to the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court almost before the words were out of the President Trump’s mouth.  He should reconsider and pay more attention to the people of Ohio than the Washington, D.C. shrieking machine.

Judge Gorsuch is simply unassailable as a judge.  He graduated with honors from both Columbia University and Harvard Law, followed by a doctorate in legal philosophy from Oxford.  His decade on the federal Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has earned him nearly universal respect — even from President Obama’s former acting Solicitor General, who wrote in Wednesday’s New York Times urging liberals to support Gorsuch.

So what’s Sherrod Brown’s problem?  It’s simple: He wants a liberal legislator on the bench.  In his microwaved statement of opposition, Senator Brown failed to cite any flaw of character, any failure of judicial reasoning, any absence of scholarship or wisdom for opposing Gorsuch – or, at the very least, not giving the nominee a full and fair hearing before opposing him. Our senator simply listed reasons that sound like they came straight out of a legislative campaign.

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