Ohio’s Bureau of Workers Compensation Could Be Saving Money, According to Auditor

WKSU | Jo Ingles


Ohio’s auditor is suggesting a way for the Bureau of Workers Compensation to save money. As Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles explains, the report suggests the agency raise its rent in a key building.

The BWC headquarters is in a big building in downtown Columbus, within a 5-minute walk of the Statehouse. Some space in the building is leased to five other state agencies and commissions, at a cost of about $4-per-square foot. That’s less than the average market rate at other properties in downtown Columbus.

Auditor Dave Yost says if the BWC would raise its rent to the average going price, the bureau could get almost $1 million more per year. And Yost says if the agency would downsize the space for its employees a bit, the bureau could save another $700,000 a year.

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