Ohio State Auditor Dave Yost Speaks at Rotary

WHIZ | Rodneya Ross

Dave Yost is currently serving as the Auditor of Ohio. In this role he is responsible for getting corrupt public officials out of office. Yost stopped by Rotary at Bryan Place today to talk about his job and the next step in his career.

“Public corruption affects everybody and I’m so proud of my team. We’ve got 140 criminal convictions from public officers that couldn’t be trusted to do the public’s business honestly.”

Yost is running for Attorney General and says it was a natural progression to pursue this role. Yost says his time served as a prosecutor and as auditor will help him be successful if he wins the election next year. He says Ohioans can expect someone who will work hard for them.

“They can expect a fair rule of law Attorney General. We’re going to take on this opioid crisis. We’re gonna take on public corruption and we’re gonna get Ohio back on track to be the state, the leading state, that it has been historically and can be again.”

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