Ohio lawmakers pass bill to require photo ID on food stamp cards


Ohio’s Auditor is praising the passage of a bill that makes it a requirement to have a photo on a food stamps card.

House Bill 50, was proposed earlier, requires that state-issued SNAP EBT cards have an identification photo on them, in order to reduce fraud.

State Auditor Dave Yost says fraud accounts for five percent of the $2.5 billion the state spends on food stamps.

In June 2016, an audit of Ohio’s $2.5 billion SNAP program, commonly known as the food stamp program, found system weaknesses that allow for benefits of a deceased person to be claimed, excessive account balances, questionable out-of-state transactions and other instances of potential fraud.

“The food stamp program is a lifesaver for thousands of Ohioans, and we must do all we can to ensure the integrity of the program so the truly needy get the assistance they need. By requiring photos on these cards, we’ll deter the abuse of these cards by the unscrupulous – including drug dealers, and put food on the table of our financially troubled neighbors.”

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