Editorial: AG Yost enlists consumers in robocall fight

Editorial Board | The Columbus Dispatch

In this polarized age, not many issues unite nearly everyone. One that does: hatred of robocalls. So Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost could not pick a more popular fight.

Last year, Ohioans received an estimated 2.2 billion illegal robocalls, Yost said as he announced formation of a Robocall Enforcement Unit — a team ofinvestigators and attorneys to sue and criminally prosecute those who routinely violate the law.

Under federal and state law, most types of robocalls are illegal. Exceptions include political messaging and informational calls such as airline schedule changes, school closings and prescription notices.

Robocallers “are a pain to all of us and a threat to the vulnerable,” Yost said. “We want to crank up the pain until they don’t want to bother with our state.”

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