Dave Yost urges Ohio legislature to combat school shootings

Cleveland.com | Mary Kilpatrick

Republican attorney general candidate Dave Yost on Monday called on the Ohio legislature to adopt his new plan to combat school shootings in Ohio.

Yost wants give teachers with prior military or law enforcement experience the opportunity to receive training to respond to dangerous situations at schools, according to a news release from his campaign. The instruction would include gun training, and would simulate the tension and uncertainty of a crisis situation.

Currently individuals who can take a gun into a school safety zone include law enforcement officers, on-duty security guards employed by the school district or government employees authorized to carry weapons within the scope of their job, according to Ohio law. A person with a concealed carry license, or is active duty military personnel can also carry a weapon in school safety zones. A school board can also give written consent for other individuals to carry weapons into a school safety zone.

Yost also wants the state to create a checklist of school-security measures, with input from educators, security experts and law enforcement officials.

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