Bill O’Neill must resign as an Ohio Supreme Court justice now that he’s running for governor: Dave Yost (Opinion)

The Columbus Dispatch | Dave Yost

Judges wear black robes to symbolize a cloaking of their personal feelings — that the judge will apply the law to the case, and not the judge’s personal policy preferences. That’s why Bill O’Neill, now running at the top of his lungs for Ohio governor, must take off the robe for good.

The law demands no less. Rule 4.5 of the Judicial Code of Conduct in Ohio says that a sitting judge who becomes a candidate for partisan office must resign the bench. There is no other remedy in the rule.

Mr. O’Neill has been utterly unambiguous about his politics and his plans — he’s made a formal announcement to the press, outlined a specific progressive platform of campaign promises and launched a Bill for Ohio websitetouting his candidacy.

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