8 Toledo schools cited for attendance practices

The Toledo Blade | Jim Provance, Nolan Rosenkrans


COLUMBUS — Eight Toledo Public Schools improperly “scrubbed” truant students from attendance rolls, according to a preliminary report of a statewide audit into the practice, though the state auditor said the intent behind the practice is still unclear.

State Auditor David Yost on Thursday released a draft report into his investigation of attendance-data reporting practices, an investigation that focused on 100 schools that showed high numbers of students removed for truancy.

Though the report flags the TPS schools, it does not identify specific issues at those schools, only noting that their attendance-reporting practices were improper. Mr. Yost said those schools were included on the list because of their “candor’’ in admitting that they had engaged in scrubbing practices after a problem was first identified in Columbus schools.

The investigation into those schools will continue, he said, as will an examination of additional schools across the state.

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